The Power of Reason

Fortunately, in our quest for true and valid religion, human being do have a special gift or power — the power of reason and logic. Of course, we must realize that, in itself, is limited: it like a precision balance which you might use for weighing gold, but you would be in vain and foolish to think of using it to weigh mountains. Still, if properly use, it could point to some real answers about our place in this world. At the very least, this power of reason could be use to show which theory or religion is false or inadequate.

We shall thus try to use reason to answer one of the most important question: Where do we came from?

Where Do We Came From?

For everything, like man, that has beginning in time, there can be three ways of trying to explain how it came to be:

  1. Either, it was made, or created, or caused by nothing at all. In other words, it came out of nothing.
  2. Or, it created itself.
  3. Or, it has a creator, cause, or maker outside itself.

The first and second explanation are obviously impossible. It is inconceivable for someone who has a beginning in time to come out of or be made by nothing at all. Its also inconceivable that it should bring itself into being. The universe, and all that is in it, therefore, could not not have created itself nor it came out by chance.

The conclusion then is clear. The universe and all that is in it, owe its existence to a Creator or a Maker outside itself. You as a human being, as a part of the universe, owe your existence to such a Creator. To say, as many do, that human beings came from or evolved from other creations or that they originated from water, or that there was big bang and everything just happened to fall in place, does not really answer the questions about the origin of the universe and all that is in it, including human beings.

We can therefore conclude that, any religion or worldview that denies or does not accept the existence of a Creator of the universe, is a false worldview or religion.


The Creator must be of different nature from all that has been created. This is because if He is of the same nature as they are, He will have a beginning in time and will therefore need a maker. One word for “to have a beginning in time” is temporal.

If the Creator or Maker, is not temporal, He must be eternal. Eternal means “to have no beginning in time”.

If the Maker is eternal, he cannot be caused, and if nothing caused Him to come into existence, nothing outside Him causes Him to exist, which means that He must be self-sufficient. Self-sufficient means that He does not depend on anyone or anything to exist.

And if He does not depend on anything to exist, then His existence can have no end. The Creator is  therefore eternal and everlasting.

If the Creator is eternal and everlasting, then His qualities is eternal and everlasting. This means, for example, that if He is powerful, He must always be powerful. If He is all-knowing, He must always be all-knowing. If He is wise, He must always be wise. If He is kind and just, He must always be kind and just.

The Creator then does not lose or get new qualities.  Qualities that do not change are absolute qualities. Another name for qualities are attributes.

Can there be more than one Creator with such absolute attributes? Can there, for example, two absolutely powerful creators? This is impossible. Why?

If the Maker is absolutely powerful, it follows that He is absolutely free to do whatever He likes. But if  “another maker” with similar power exist, and they differ over the making of something, then of two things can happen. Either, one will overcome the other, in which case, the latter cannot be absolutely powerful. Or, they will neutralize each other, in which case, the power of both are limited.

Even if we assume that the two powers agree on everything or compliment each other, they cannot be both absolutely powerful. Because, in doing everything, one at least will need to assume that the other will not interfere or is not capable of interfering. In other word, one will need to assume that the power of other is redundant, or that the power of other is limited.

The Creator, then, must be One. There cannot be any others like Him, so He must be Unique. The creator must All-Powerful and must be able to do whatever He wills.

From the above, it is reasonable to assert that the Creator must be Eternal and Everlasting. Self-Sufficient and All-Powerful, One and Unique. These are the qualities that we must have in mind when we use the word God. We must also remember that the qualities/attributes are absolute and do not change.

There must be a clear separation between the Creator and the created. It follows that, no man can be God. God cannot have a mother or a father. He cannot have a son or a daughter. The sun, the moon, or the stars or any heavenly bodies cannot be God.

No part of the creation, whether it be a mountain, a tree or a fire can be God and does not deserved to worship as God.

Any religion or worldview which deny regard human being or nay part of the creation as God or part of God must be a false religion or worldview.

Also, any religion or worldview which regard God as having human characteristics, for example, having a human shape and suffering from tiredness and needing rest, MUST BE A FALSE RELIGION OR WORLDVIEW.


Say, “He is Allah , [who is] One,

Allah , the Eternal Refuge.

He neither begets nor is born,

Nor is there to Him any equivalent.”

~ Qur’an 112:1-4

(From the book, Islam the Natural Way, by Abdul Wahid Hamid, 1989)


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"We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and INSIDE THEIR SELVES, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things?" ~ (The Noble Qur'an, 41:53)
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